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  Research programme structure

CASIX is structured into 4 scientific elements, which sub-divide further into 11 projects. Projects 10 & 11 are data management and scientific co-ordination (in Science Element E4). Fig 1 shows the scientific elements of CASIX and their interconnections, which defines the scientific work programme. The major types of EO data that will be used are listed.

CASIX science elements

The science elements of CASIX and their interconnection


Science Element 1: Air-Sea Exchange, Team Leader David Woolf (NOCS)
Project 1. Study of physical controls on air-sea gas flux, Leader David Woolf (NOCS)
Project 2. Quantifying surface films effect on gas transfer, Leader Gay Mitchelson-Jacob (UWB)
Project 3. Exploitation of EO measurements of surface roughness and atmospheric CO2, Leader Paul Monks (U Leicester)

Science Element 2: Biogeochemistry of the Upper Ocean, Team Leader Sam Lavender (UoP).
Project 4. Biogeochemistry of the Open Ocean, Leader Samantha Lavender (UoP)
Project 5. Biogeochemistry of the Shelf Seas, Leader Gay Mitchelson-Jacob (UWB)

Science Element 3: Modelling, Team Leader Jason Holt (POL)
Project 6. Modelling the ocean carbon cycle and air-sea gas fluxes in the deep ocean, Leader Rosa Barciela (Met Office).
Project 7. Shelf seas modelling with biogeochemistry and air-sea gas flux, Leader Jason Holt (POL)
Project 8. Ocean-atmosphere interface modelling (1-D), Leader Chris Merchant (U Edinburgh)

Science Element 4: Integration, Team Leader Peter Challenor (NOCS)
Project 9. Climatology and Analysis, Leader Peter Challenor (NOCS)
Project 10. Data Management, Leader Peter Challenor (NOCS)
Project 11. Scientific co-ordination and project management, Leader Jim Aiken (PML)




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