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The Director (Prof. Jim Aiken, PML) and Deputy Director (Prof. Ian Robinson, NOCS) of CASIX are assisted in the day-to-day management of the Centre by Project Scientists at PML (Dr Nick Hardman-Mountford) and NOCS (Dr David Woolf). The CASIX project office is situated in Plymouth, at PML, and is manned by Prof. Jim Aiken, Dr Nick Hardman-Mountford and Mrs Ros Gardner.

Management of the Centre is overseen by the CASIX Management Group (CMG) made up from a selection of CASIX PIs from the partner institutions/departments. Please note Dr Nick Hardman-Mountford is now Acting Director of CASIX.

  • Director, Prof Jim Aiken, PML-U. Plymouth rep. (Chair of CMG)
  • Deputy Director, Prof Ian Robinson, NOCS-SOES rep.
  • Prof Andrew Watson, UEA rep.
  • Dr Gay Mitchelson-Jacob, UWB-POL rep.
  • Dr Mike Bell, Met Office rep.
  • Prof Keith Haines, U. Edinburgh-U. Reading-U. Leicester rep.
  • Prof David Llewellyn-Jones, U. Leicester (Advisor).
  • Dr David Woolf, NOCS, project scientist (ex officio).
  • Dr Nick Hardman-Mountford, PML, project scientist (ex officio).
  • Mrs Claudia Hawke, NERC EO Board rep (ex officio).

Management of the scientific programme is undertaken by the project leaders for each of the CASIX Science Projects through the Scientific Steering Committee (SSC).

  • Project 1 David Woolf (NOCS)
  • Project 2 Gay Mitchelson-Jacob (UWB)
  • Project 3 Paul Monks (U. Leicester)
  • Project 4 Samantha Lavender (U. Plymouth)
  • Project 5 Gay Mitchelson-Jacob (UWB)
  • Project 6 Rosa Barciela (Met Office)
  • Project 7 Jason Holt (POL)
  • Project 8 Chris Merchant (U. Edinburgh)
  • Project 9 Peter Challenor (NOCS)
  • Project 10 Peter Challenor (NOCS)


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