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CASIX Final Science Meeting

Uncertainties of the Ocean Carbon Cycle: understanding changes in fluxes and ecosystems

2nd July 2008 | The Geological Society, Piccadilly London, UK

Recent research has highlighted how the ocean's ability to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere may be changing. For the past five years the NERC Centre for observation of Air-Sea Interactions and Fluxes (CASIX) has been investigating ocean processes responsible for the air-sea exchange of CO2 to reduce uncertainties in our understanding. This meeting presented the latest results to those with an interest in Earth system & climate science, climate and energy policy and carbon mitigation strategies.


09:30-10:00        Coffee & Registration

10:00-10:15        Introduction (Prof. Jim Aiken, former Director CASIX, PML)

10:15-10:45        Decadal changes in air-sea CO2 flux in the N. Atlantic (Prof. Andy Watson, UEA)

10:45-11:15        Changes in global phytoplankton community structure from satellite observations (Dr Tim Smyth, PML)


11:45-12:15        Observations of atmospheric CO2 from space (Dr John Remedios, U. Leicester)

12:15-12:45        Reduction of uncertainties in CO2 fluxes from EO-derived climatologies (Dr Chris Merchant, U Edinburgh)


13:45-14:15         Modelling short-term and long-term variability in air-sea CO2 exchange (Dr Rosa Barciela, Met Office)

14:15-14:45        High-resolution modelling of CO2 exchange in European shelf waters (Dr Jason Holt, POL)


15:15-15:45        Policy relevance and implications of changes in ocean carbon cycling (Dr Nick Hardman-Mountford, PML)

15:45-17:15        Discussion on how ocean carbon cycle research can be better used to guide and inform policy

This event was timed to coincide with the "The Breathing Ocean" exhibit at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, organised by the UK Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study (UK-SOLAS), CASIX and CarboOcean.


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